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Welcome to La Despensa de Tenerife

The fortunate geographical location of Tenerife – a bridge between Europe, the Americas and Africa – combined with the unique environmental and climatic conditions create a wide variety of food products that can be found nowhere else. The social and cultural enthusiasm for rural activities, alongside the combination of traditional, small-scale farming with new methods of production, provides us with high-quality – sometimes unique – products.

Internationally renowned wines, exquisite cheeses, unique honeys, traditional pastries as well as products so fundamental to the culture of Tenerife as gofio, mojo sauces and coloured potatoes all show off the originality and the variety of the products of this land that you can find at La Despensa de Tenerife.

Gift Hampers

Our gift hampers are the ideal present for every occasion. They include, the best wines, honey, Tenerife mojo and potatoes, only using first class products to guarantee satisfaction.

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