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The potato varieties native to Tenerife are a traditional island gastronomic delight, appreciated for their quality and their unique flavours. The inherent climatic characteristics of the Canary Islands have generated an adaptive development process quite distinct from the rest of Europe, where the passage of time has created changes on the morphology of the potato. Contrary to this, the Andigena potatoes introduced in Tenerife at the beginning of the 17th century have maintained their original form, exactly as it was over 7000 years ago in the mountains of Peru and Colombia. The Azucena Negra, the Negra Yema de Huevo, the Papa Bonito in all its varieties, the Torrenta and Borralla are just a few of the many indigenous potato varieties grown in Tenerife. They are in great demand from the most famous gourmets of Spanish luxury food.

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