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Traditional Tenerife pastries have been made by generation after generation. Their fame has spread far and wide, with their centuries old association with the famous Malvasía (Malmsey) wines. Our sweets and desserts are made according to the deep-rooted tradition and craftsmanship of a pastries made in the village squares all across the island, where they are an ever-present part of festivities. They are therefore seen in high regard and are very popular far beyond the rural areas they grew out of.

Villages such as Vilaflor in the south of the island, and Tacoronte in the north, are hugely influential for their pastries. Chasnera tarts, wedding cakes and traditional turrones from Tacoronte are clear examples of the fame and prestige that have bee earned over many years, sweetening the life of the Canarian people and everyone who comes here. Naturally, they are all made using natural products, scorning the use of preservatives or colourings that lower the quality of the end product.

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