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Tenerife’s honey is a unique product, thanks to the flora on the island - full of endemic species which provide unique flavours that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The culture of beekeeping among Tenerife farmers, maintained for more than 500 years and using small beehives and traditional production methods, provides a natural, traditional production system, thereby creating excellent honey that is still the same today. This perfect combination of tradition and popular support, along with the aroma and flavour from our countryside makes Tenerife honey a unique product.

There are exquisite honeys – both monofloral and multifloral. The originality and taste of Tenerife honey is exemplified by honey from Tajinaste, Retama del Teide, Aguacate and Castaño, and by the multifloral varieties from Costa, Monte and Cumbre.

In order to guarantee the quality of these honey varieties and to support the development of the beekeeping sector on the island, the Casa de la Miel de Tenerife (Tenerife Honey Association) was founded in 1996 – an initiative created by the Tenerife island authorities. This association aims to promote the sector and is in direct contact with beekeepers. It is a guarantee as to the origin and the quality of the honey, fostering awareness and promotion.

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